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Mexico (and Cabo!) are known for their bright colors and festive attitude!  It’s always fiesta time around here!  Many of our clients like to bring this bright and happy feeling to their events through the flowers and decor that they choose.  One really fun way to do that is to use Mexico’s famous paper flowers.  While we offer, of course, the highest quality in real flowers, we still love paper flowers, too (they’re one of our specialties!)

How can you use paper flowers at your Cabo event?  Here are a few ideas:

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Incorporate the paper flowers in a real flower bouquet or centerpiece.  The best of both worlds!

Use paper flowers on their own to create a bouquet, a centerpiece or a head piece.  A paper flower tucked behind the ear says, “Viva la Mexico!”

Create garlands to line a walkway or over a window, walkway, or arch.

Use them as accents on mirrors, in trees, on lamps or anywhere else where you need a touch of color.

Use them on paper products.  They can be glued onto anything, like gift bags, menus, programs, or signs.

We have no limit to our creativity here at Cabo Flowers & Cakes, so just ask us!  We’ll design memorable paper flowers for you for your Cabo wedding or special event that will literally last a lifetime!

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