You’ve decided to have your destination wedding in Cabo.  Excellent choice!  We applaud your decision!  And, of course, you’ve decided to use the best wedding cake baker in Cabo as well, Cabo Flowers and Cakes.  Another excellent choice!  Now, we are here to help ensure that you choose a cake that will be the most beautiful and completely worry-free in our fabulous Cabo weather.  It’s warm here, and we all like it that way!  (We know it’s probably one of the reasons your chose us for your wedding.) Now, let’s just be sure your cake likes it too.  Here are a few time-tested tips from us:

We all love fondant…it’s so pretty and fun, and you can do such beautiful things with it.  We love it too!  But here’s the truth: fondant needs a cool, dry place to hang out in.  And it should not be refrigerated and then brought out to a warm location (like your outdoor wedding location.)  This can cause condensation, and no one wants a drippy wedding cake. If you don’t have a cool, dry (emphasis on dry) place at your wedding location (and that can be true for a variety of locations around Cabo), then we suggest you skip the fondant.  But our pastry chef can work magic with buttercream, making it look like fondant in many instances.  And fondant details (like flowers, petals, leaves, dots etc.) will still work wonderfully, no matter where your cake is stored.P1010200 

The truth about buttercream frosting for your cake in Cabo is that it can be refrigerated (without getting condensation), thus ensuring that it will not melt before the cake cutting.  This is key to having the cake of your dreams actually look like the cake of your dreams as it sits upon your cake cutting table.

No cake (and especially a Cabo wedding cake) should sit out on the cake cutting table in direct sunlight (ever!) and it should never sit out in general for longer than an hour.  Any good wedding planner will know this, but make sure you reconfirm when exactly your wedding cake from Cabo Flowers and Cakes will be brought out for your cutting celebration.

With these helpful hints from our cake expert, we know that your Cabo Flowers & Cake wedding cake will be an amazing addition to your special celebration!

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