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A Glowing Review: Lorena & Ricky’s Wedding

Here at Cabo Flowers & Cakes, we fall in love with our brides & grooms as we work so closely with them to plan their wedding florals and decor! So, when we get a note like the one below, we just have to share it! Joel, in our Sales & Administration department, works so hard and it is wonderful to receive these accolades!
Hi Joel,
I wanted to share with you some of the pictures of the arrangements you created for my wedding. Everything came out better than I have ever imagined! You definitely made my dreams come true! You exceeded my expectations not only on how everything came out but more so on the professionalism, quick response and piece of mind you always gave me during the planning process. Planning a destination wedding is one of the most stressful things but with your professionalism and patience you made my experience effortless, fun and nothing short of amazing. Even when I forgot some last minute details for the church and you and your team quickly came through with a resolution. I can not recommend you or your company enough! 
Below is also a link to a mini clip of the wed
ding. Feel free to use the images or link to help show your work to your clients.
Video Credits: Charlie Garcia
See below for the gorgeous floral decor we created for Lorena & Ricky for their November 2017 wedding!
Planning a Los Cabos destination wedding? We look forward to hearing from you so we can begin this journey with you as well!

Let our officiant create the ceremony you’ve dreamed of (but weren’t sure how to put into words)

Wed #3
We don’t think it’s any secret that we LOVE Cabo weddings! We have been providing flawless flowers, dramatic decor and class-act cakes to our beloved clients for many, many years. We’ve also been providing wedding officiant services for the past few years, but thought, hey, it’s time to tell the world a little bit more about who our wonderful officiant is.
Wed #2 - small
Meet Joel Lopez Taylor. Handsome, isn’t he? But he’s also a special person, who is gifted with a spirit to be of service.  As an administrative employee for Cabo Flowers & Cakes, he was witness to thousands of weddings, as he prepared the florals and decor for these celebrations.  With a desire to be more involved, his position evolved into working with brides and grooms to create the ceremony that they had dreamed of, but weren’t quite sure how to put into words. Joel works with bridal couples to create a truly unique wedding ceremony. (for those couples who are less creatively inspired, he can provide  wedding script templates that can be used as a whole or cut an paste from to create the ceremony that you want.)
Note: Cabo weddings (unless performed by a licensed Mexican judge) are all symbolic, non-legal, non-denominational ceremonies.
To book Joel as a minister for your Cabo wedding, please contact him at: or call the Cabo Flowers & Cakes offices at (011 52) 624 105 145


Bride & Groom

This may seem like a very simple question, but we here at Cabo Flowers & Cakes actually hear it a lot.  And the reason is…there is a ceremony that goes with cutting your wedding cake!  Even when you are in Cabo, for your Cabo wedding! We’ve all seen it a hundred times before at weddings where we’ve been a guest, but when you are actually in Cabo, cutting your own wedding cake, it feels different!  This is YOUR cake and you are the one who has to cut it!  If you are working with a Wedding Planner (and we recommend that you do…contact us for our recommendations), she will know how to do the cake cutting, so follow her instructions. If not,…here’s how:


  1. You should have a separate cake table, decorated beautifully, with a linen, candles, and of course flowers from Cabo Flowers & Cakes! The table should be located in a central area, where there is plenty of room for your guests to stand in front of it, while you two stand behind it. (The table can be moved into this more central area right before the cake cutting time if you want it to.  Just don’t move the table with the cake ON it.  No cake crashes, please!)

2.  Your cake should be on a cake stand on the table (again, have a professional move the cake onto the stand, on the table.) Also on the table should be your cake cutting knife and your cake server.  If you want your champagne glasses on the table, that is fine too.

3.  You also need a small plate, a napkin, and two forks.  These should be set up behind the cake, which is facing your guests.

4.  When it is time to cut your cake, your DJ should begin playing your pre-selected cake cutting song, and the MC should ask your guests to gather around the cake cutting table. Your MC can narrate the cake cutting if you are comfortable with that.

5.  Know ahead of time which layer you are going to be cutting into.  (Some cakes have fake tiers and you do not want to cut into that!)  You will normally cut into the bottom tier of your cake.

6.  With both bride and groom holding the knife, make a small slice in the cake.  Go all the way through, from the top to the bottom of the cake.  Most cakes will have their bottom tier on some type of cakeboard.  You don’t need to cut that.

7.  Then, together, grab the cake server, and place that under the little cake slice and gently lift the cake slice onto the plate.

8.  Using the server, cut the slice into two bite size pieces.

9.  Determine ahead of time whether you will be feeding each other cake from your fingers or your forks.  Forks?  Each use a fork to place the cake in the other’s mouth.  Fingers, go one at time (bride first), placing the bite size piece in our spouse’s mouth. Gentle or smearing icing all over the place? That’s up to you!

10.  Enjoy this traditional moment!  And make sure the photographer was there the whole time getting photos!

Cake succulents

Make sure that, for your destination wedding in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo, Cabo Flowers & Cakes is the one to supply your wedding cake!


Joel Lopez Taylor

Joel Lopez Taylor has been a member of the Cabo Flowers and Cakes family for 8 years, but it seems like longer!  He has been a part of every project, and a help to every customer, since the minute he started working with us! He is a customer-service enthusiast, and said this is his favorite part of the job.  “I know more about other people’s needs than my own, and I’m here to help with those needs,” he said.

We asked him a few other questions, and loved his responses so much we wanted to share them with our clients (and future clients)…

Why does Joel enjoy working at Cabo Flowers and Cakes?  He answered that it helps him to grow as a person, and to mature.  Thanks to his bosses, he said!  (Not to toot our own horns, but we have loved watching Joel grow as an employee and become a wonderful administrator and someone we rely upon constantly.)

Joel’s favorite location for a wedding? One of our favorites, too!  Cabo del Sol golf clubhouse.

Joel’s favorite flowers?  It’s all about the smell!  Tuberoses and Casablancas.  Great choices, Joel!

His happiest moments at work?  “When a person says Thank You or that their flowers are beautiful!”  (He actually hears that a lot…love it!)

Let’s end this blog with his final words.  Why should a client use Cabo Flowers and Cakes?  He said, “Because we make beautiful things!”  Simple, to the point..and true.  We DO make beautiful things.  Check us out for your Cabo events! Thanks, Joel!





June 22 Sirena del MarWhile we at Cabo Flowers & Cakes are, of course, huge fans of the traditional white wedding cake, there is still something that just makes us smile about some of the colorful and somewhat funky cakes we’ve been asked to create for weddings here in Cabo San Lucas.


Maybe it’s because our brides are on vacation when they have a destination wedding.  Maybe it’s the bright beauty of the Mexican landscape and culture that rubs off on our brides.  Maybe it’s just their own creativity shining through for their special day.  Whatever it is…enjoy these cakes (like we did when we made them) and let us know your bold ideas for your wedding cake.  We’ll bring our A-game and enjoy the fun of creating something just a bit different!



You’ve had the most breathtaking wedding in Cabo!  Everything went perfectly, and your flowers from Cabo Flowers & Cakes were truly gorgeous.  Now what?  Can you leave Cabo, head home to the U.S. and take your bridal bouquet with you?
2013-05-18 13.34.48

The U.S. Customs and Border Protection website ( is pretty clear about this.  Yes, you may bring your bridal bouquet (or any other wedding flowers).  BUT… you must declare it, and it may be taken from you and disposed of if it is found to not meet the inspection standards. 

photo - blog - flowers into USA

Here’s the actual verbiage:

Certain items brought into the United States from foreign countries are restricted according to U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) regulations. Prohibited agricultural items can harbor plant pests and foreign animal diseases that could seriously damage America’s crops, livestock, and the environment – and a large sector of our country’s economy.

All travelers entering the United States are REQUIRED to DECLARE meats, fruits, vegetables, plants, seeds, soil, animals, as well as plant and animal products (they may be carrying. The declaration must cover all items carried in checked baggage, carry-on luggage, or in a vehicle.

Upon examination of plants, animal products, and associated items, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agriculture specialists at the ports of entry will determine if these items meet the entry requirements of the United States. Always DECLARE agricultural items by checking “Yes” on Question 11 of the CBP Declaration Form 6059B.

Avoid Fines and Delays

Prohibited items that are not declared by passengers are confiscated and disposed of by CBP agriculture specialists. More importantly, civil penalties may be assessed for failure to declare prohibited agricultural products and may range up to $1,000 per first-time offense for non-commercial quantities.

2013-04-27 11.35.35

So, your best bet is to bring them with you, declare them, and then be ready to give them up if the Customs agent deems them not acceptable to import.  Brides, we at Cabo Flowers & Cakes would love to hear your personal experiences.  Were you able to bring your flowers across the border?



Proud doesn’t even begin to describe how we feel about July’s Employee of the Month, Luis Fernando.  He’s been a member of our Cabo Flowers and Cakes family for four years, and he has grown so much in his knowledge of flowers, floral design, and customer service.  When you get some of our beautiful flowers delivered to your event, it helps to know the faces behind the scenes.

Things to know about Luis Fernando:

He loves his job. He creates floral arrangements, makes deliveries, works with clients, and sets up for weddings. His favorite part of the job?  Driving the Cabo Flowers and Cakes van around Cabo, making deliveries.

He loves flowers.  His favorite flower?  The Casablanca lily.  Why? “Because they are durable (very important when you are a florist!) and smell nice,” he explains.  

Making clients happy makes him happy.  “When a client is happy, then I feel content and satisfied with my job,” he says with a smile. 

The Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach Sky Pool is his favorite wedding location in Cabo.  This is interesting, because this is not the easiest location to work at (lots of hills going down to the beach, which then, of course, you must go up again as well!) But it is an amazing location and so worth the extra bit of effort!  Check it out. 

He loves going to the beach!  (Like everyone else who lives or visits Cabo!  Our beaches are gorgeous!)

Why he thinks a client should use Cabo Flowers and Cakes?  “Because we do good work!”

Dana & Dave Nov- 24.2014 — SDML

I had to write and express my profound love for the flowers and centerpieces you provided for our wedding at the Sunset Da Mona Lisa. From start to finish, you were everything a bride dreams of! I could not have dreamed that my flowers would be so beautiful. You hit the note I was hoping for and were such wonderful people to communicate with! I would highly recommend your company to any bride in the world!!! Thank-you can not express how I feel!!

Dana  Bolster

centro de mesa 2 centro de mesa ramo de novia